Welcome to The 710 Custom Sheaths,

  Custom Sheaths and knives made by JD, Sheath packages are now available per Knife company! If you don't see your knife or are planning on sending your knife/axe/shovel to be sheathed simply order it under the "mail in section" and pick your attachments. Bulk orders are always welcomed, email for pricing. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them. Everything is made to order, **SHOP IS RELOCATING AND UNDER CONSTRUCTION, OPENING BACK UP MID-MARCH**

**California Residence please email me your zip code before placing an order, I need to add sales tax**

Have a great day!


Call or text 408.593.5859 JD@THE710CUSTOMSHEATHS.COM 


      To enter promo/coupon code after shopping cart, keep clicking "check out or continue" after each step, until you get to promo code section, "which should be the last step before going to paypal"